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Apple mail inbox not updating

If you’ve another device on your network, check whether that can connect.

If your connection’s down, power-cycle your router.

Once complete, your inbox should work faster and search better.

Perhaps you’ve just bought a brand-new domain and related email hosting, but Mail on OS X won’t send or receive email to the account.

To complete a manual reindex, first make sure is totally closed.

Because of this, most Mac users rely on to do all the heavy lifting of their day‐to‐day email use.

Your password will be hidden, but you can always retype it if you wish.

Note that depending on the details provided to you by your email host and/or ISP, you might need to define a specific port number in the Advanced tab, and/or turn on SSL for secure connections.

Warning: Since this can use a huge amount of data, you really should steer clear of doing this on a data‐capped connection like a mobile hotspot.

Once Mail finishes up, the rebuilding process is complete.

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