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Their plane is out of water and is now passing out Diet Coke.How do we not have a plan to transport those on planes to terminals?Meanwhile, many were stunned when Atlanta-based Chick-fil-A offered to feed the stranded travelers, breaking the restaurant's long-standing religious ban on operating on Sundays.'All you have to do to get Chick-fil-A on a Sunday is cut the power to the world's busiest airport,' joked Atlanta Braves beat reporter Grant Mc Auley.

What about the old people or children with no food water or place to sleep but a cold, barely lighted terminal. 'Georgia Power says that it expects power to be restored at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport by midnight.

By evening, Delta had already cancelled almost 800 Sunday flights and another 300 on Monday, nearly all of them in Atlanta, according to tracking service Flight

Robert Mann, an aviation consultant and former American Airlines executive, said it likely will be Tuesday before Delta's operations in Atlanta return to normal, and for passengers 'it could be most of the week' because there aren't many open seats on other flights in the last week before Christmas.'Tomorrow is going to be a long and difficult day for everybody,' Mann said.

One bit of good news, according to Mann: Delta has more spare planes and available crews in Atlanta than anywhere else, which will help it to recover.

Still, when flights at Atlanta were grounded for most of one day last spring, it took Delta five days - and about 4,000 canceled flights - before it fully recovered.

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' wrote one frustrated Twitter user.'The terminals look like a third world country,' wrote NBA TV sportscaster Jared Greenberg. I finally got off the plane after 6.5 hours sitting on the runway.' The situation also sounded tense for one traveler who tweeted: 'going into hour 3 of sitting on a plane at the powerless Atlanta airport.... Taking suggestions.' Passengers inside the airport were seen lighting their way with their cell phones and people in wheelchairs are having to be carried down stairwells. 'CNN producer Betsy Klein was stuck on a plane for more than six hours and live-tweeted her ordeal.

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