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Unfortunately our 8pm show in our upstairs showroom has sold out. We have added a second show (same showtime 8pm) in our downstairs showroom.

Joe Bronzi began his comedy career by winning regional, city, and state comedy contests.

His comedy background includes extensive improv training and his performance style mixes award-winning writing with fast-paced “off-the-cuff” crowd interaction.

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Now with the fundamentals of comedy under his belt, he continues to work on his craft of standup comedy and script writing in the heart of Toronto.

He has set out to bring his talents across the globe with the motto “everyone deserves a laugh” and won’t stop until the people get what they came for.

For five years, he was the regular (and only) opener for comedy legend David Brenner.

Joe has been seen on NBC's Night Shift and has performed as a Warm Up Comedian for "The Rachel Ray show" & "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" on ABC, "Room for Debate" on ESPN, and "Crowd Rules" on MSNBC.

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He recreates his life experiences as an overweight Italian going against the family grain in a melting pot society.

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