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The author suggests that the student should begin with the Exercises, studying only such parts of the Grammar as are indicated at the beginning of each Exercise and consulting the Vocabulary when necessary.

No particular method of study is recommended in detail ; but the author believes that the pupil should repeat each sentence after his teacher several times until he can say it with a fairly good pronounciation and a reasonable degree of fluency ; he should also have a knowledge of what the sentence means while he is saying it ; the lesson should not be considered as known until he can do all the above with his book closed.

Note that de aru is generally abbreviated to da, and de arimasu to desu.

When used predicatively de takes the place of na (or no) and is followed by aru, arimasu or gozaimasu according to the degree of politeness.

Part II uses no word not contained in this work, Part I has a somewhat more exten- sive vocabulary but an English translation is given along with the Japanese text. wa : a particle used for emphasis or ano : that (far).

(All rights reserved.) THE Box OF CURIOS PRESS, YOKOHAMA. In general it may be said to consist of two parts, theory and practice. The average educated Japanese has no notion of what etymology means ; and when asked the origin of a word will immediately start explaining the characters or symbols with which it is written. In this matter the author's chief guide has been Otsuki's Genkai. Besides the present book, the student who wishes, not only to go through these Exercises, but to express his own ideas, must have an English-Japanese Dictionary : the best one no doubt is, Hobart-Hampden and Parlett's English- Japanese Dictionary of the Spoken Language ; if a pocket dictionary is desired, the author's English- Japanese Conversation Dictionary may prove useful. Theory refers to the know- ledge of words, their peculiarities, special uses, inflexions, how they depend on each other and how they are combined in a sentence. Elementary notions on these subjects as regards Colloquial Japanese will be found in Parts II and III of this work.

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Kono empitsu wa kuro gozaimasen ; kono empitsu wa ako gozaimasu (D).

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