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Apart from its large range of engines and agricultural implements, Lister's also had a thriving woodware business making a wide range of products.

Made from oiled Burma teak and galvanised steel these baskets were widely used by local authorities.

At some point it came into the hands of Nottingham Museum Service, but by the time the EVRA sought to acquire it in 2005, the Museum Service had lost its history and believed it had been a locomotive at the Stoke Bardolph Waterworks (having confused the Stoke, of Stoke on Trent, with Stoke Bardolph).

It is also considered that it has been rebuilt at some time after 1967 as part of the chassis are denoted “British Steel” a name not in use before that date.

Apart from use within the home they often formed part of the furnishings on large luxurious ocean liners.

This example has the words "Saracens Head" carved in the upper panel and probably came from an inn or hotel.

From that time onwards the diesels began to capture the volume markets and the last petrol engines were produced in the 1960s.

Other parts of the business that thrived in the early 1900s include the shearing equipment and woodware sections which added a different dimension to the company portfolio.

This was the site of a proposed museum that didn‟t materialise and therefore all the locomotives from Glodfa Ganol were sold.This diminutive locomotive was built in 1944 by RA Lister and Company at their Dursley Works in Gloucestershire.It is a 2 foot gauge type R “Rail Truck” of which many hundreds were built and about 90 survive in preservation.It has a 7 brake horse power air cooled engine and was bought, when new, by the Stoke on Trent Sewage Engineer, for use on the internal railway system of Stoke on Trent waterworks at Newstead Sludge Disposal Plant, Blurton, as a petrol engined locomotive.It was converted to diesel in 1971 and in 1976/77 was transferred to Burslem Sewage Works.

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By the 1890s it was manufacturing the Dursley Pedersen Cycle and dairy equipment, especially cream separators which it shipped in volume.

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