Mark philippoussis dating amanda babylonia no shishi online dating

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Mark philippoussis dating amanda

Rosana gave the thumbs up to Amanda because she was shy, unlike the chirpy cougar.

Unlike other dating shows, there was no wedding proposal or even an "I love you" from Philippoussis when he picked Amanda.

For "The Age of Love," in the tradition of "The Bachelor" and its romantic-competition ilk, is the most heartless kind of TV spectacle.

Posing as a wish-fulfillment show for the love-and-excitement-lorn, it's actually a high-tech humiliation-fest.

This proves a real poser, because Philippoussis is exactly 30 years old, and thus old enough to appreciate a woman with experience.

All of which creates a wicked undercurrent that makes the flirty small talk even more excruciating than usual.

One woman is sent home, tears stinging her eyes, even as Philippoussis urges her to know how lovely and special she truly is. Philippoussis has just spared her from the twist that comes with the arrival of six new women.

Standing on a balcony next to a shimmering pool, the tennis player is greeted by a procession of elegant women who have been coached to greet him with special emphasis given to their ages."I was born in 1967, so that makes me 40! Philippoussis' shock is a bit too evident, and it only gets worse when the others turn out to be just as old, and even older.

When one turns out to be 48, with a son who is nearly his own age, the tennis player is close to tears."She could be my mom," he says, gloomily, in a post-game interview.

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Any and every decision he makes is going to end in tears, heartbreak and anguish."It's like throwing some piranhas in the deep end with me," he yelps.

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