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Nairaland dating

With the fact that they are thinking of how to leave their present predicament, they are equally thinking of how to keep that girl from leaving the relationship.

They are afraid to join the “girls are not loyal crew”. And worse still, in the cause of “showing love” and pregnancy show up!

So, no matter how beautiful a lady is, they won’t even think of her let alone having a relationship with her.

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The longevity and “thickness” of the pains depend on different factors ranging from family & academic background, personal development, acquired skills and most importantly, LUCK (God’s grace), but the good news is this: unemployment has an expire date.

Guys that are not sugar coated- mouthed changed and gives daily “manifestos” of live together in a beautiful world when the dream job eventually comes. Well, most times you don’t tend to blame the girls for this.

The reason why they may shift base is not far-fetched: age factor, rich (working class) guys on their neck and pressure from friends and relatives to get marry on time and the fear of beauty depreciation.

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These are some of the pains the unemployed go through:1, LACK OF MONEY There is no amount of money you saved during NYSC year that is not bound to finish if there are no other means of regular flow of income after the service year.

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