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In 2016, Typhoon Lionrock caused heavy damage in northern Japan's Hokkaido and Iwate Prefectures (a region already undergoing reconstruction from the 2011 tsunami).

Nestlé is collaborating with a well-known local dairy producer, Iwaizumi Milk, which itself suffered great losses due to the typhoon, to deliver this limited edition Kit Kat all over Japan.

You might also find a sweet potato version, which is a bit less sweet but made to be baked.

Sakura (cherry blossom) Kit Kat are only available seasonally, but if you're in Japan between March and April you shouldn't miss them!

Try coupling it with sweet adzuki (red bean paste)! While this is a limited edition, you can easily buy it online from shops like Amazon.

Despite the name, the taste won't be that spicy, making it exotic enough for a souvenir, but not so terrible for sensitive palates.

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We actually agree it tastes better this way, but try it yourself and let us know what you think.Easily found around the country, from convenience stores to ¥100 shops, it's one of the favorite souvenirs for tourists on a budget.You might see an Uji Matcha version—in that case, Uji indicates a region near Kyoto famous for matcha production. If you happen to be around Hokkaido, you could actually couple that matcha Kit Kat with the adzuki one.The product went on sale May 22, 2017, and for each purchase, ¥10 will be donated to the distressed region.There are so many unique Kit Kat flavors in Japan that we couldn't possibly list them all, so don't forget to share with us your favorite in the comments!

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