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Populære dating sider Syddjurs

However, with the spread of elevated blood alcohol levels result in problems associated commercial alcohol increasing homogeneity in drinking patterns, alcohol policy needs are likely to become with acute intoxication, such as accidents, injuries and violence.Drinking patterns that promote frequent and increasingly similar.Babor, University of Connecticut Health Center, 263 Farmington Avenue, Farmington, CT , USA.Submitted 18 January 2010; initial review completed 15 February 2010; final version accepted 15 February 2010 SETTINGTHE POLICY AGENDA From a public health perspective, alcohol plays a major role in the causation of disability, disease and death on a global scale.This section also documents how international beer and spirits production has been consolidated recently by a small number of global corporations that are expanding their operations in Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America.In the second part of the book, the scientific evidence for strategies and interventions that can prevent or minimize alcoholrelated harm is reviewed critically in seven key areas: pricing and taxation, regulating the physical availability of alcohol, modifying the drinking context, drink-driving countermeasures, restrictions on marketing, education and persuasion strategies, and treatment and early intervention services.

The same is true of alcohol science, particularly policy research.

In Patterns of drinking Average volume ABSTRACT This article summarizes the contents of Alcohol: No Ordinary Commodity (2nd edn).

The first part of the book describes why alcohol is not an ordinary commodity, and reviews epidemiological data that establish alcohol as a major contributor to the global burden of disease, disability and death in high-, middle- and low-income countries.

Western Europe, Russia and other non-moslem parts of the former Soviet Union now have the highest per capita consumption levels, but levels in some Latin American countries are not far behind [4,5].

With a few exceptions, there has been a levelling-off or decline in drinking in many of the high alcohol consumption countries from the early 1970s to the early 2000s, particularly in the traditional wine-producing countries in Europe and South America [6].

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With chronic drinking and repeated intoxication a syndrome of interrelated behavioural, physical levels of frequent intoxication [9].