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Both of them are very close to me, not homophobic at all and are supportive in seemingly every sense of the word about LGBT issues. Both are Republican and have been most of their lives.They have, in the past, acknowledged the many contradictions that exist in having a gay family member and being Republican.When I left home at 17 mom told me she knew I had been eager to leave for many years.When my mom left my Dad, I expected her politics to evolve liberally but they did not except on LGBT rights.Me: A vote for those two was a vote AGAINST everything you both know I have fought for all of my adult life…and you knew it. It’s not a joke to me that you would ask, knowing this, whether or not I am moving to Canada. I asked you a question nov 2 and you’re just now answering it that’s not funny either. I failed to educate them about what matters to me and why? I failed because I didn’t think their vote for Hillary in a deeply red state would matter.I failed because I was angry at them for not bothering to read the fine detail on things that mattered to me AND I DIDN’T TRY TO READ IT TO THEM. Isn’t that what essentially happened in this election?Election season always kind of paralyzes me in my contact with them because I know there is nothing I can do or say to convince them to vote Democrat.

Family member: We will talk after this dust settles. Family member: This is not my fault or your Mothers and I’m gonna leave it at that, Troy.But it was only when, 2 days after the election, my sister reached out to me by text that I realized the alienation is dangerous and that my anger at them is profoundly destructive.You guys have no idea how terrible this is…not just for LGBT rights but on a thousand important fronts…is a walking disaster. Family member: Are y’all getting away for the weekend Me: No. Me: Arturo works Friday and Sunday You know who Mike Pence is, do you?Or did Trump himself, with his bullying and bravado, make that impossible for any of us to do?Every shade of nuance became umbrage taking hostility and every escalation of hostility solidified Trump’s support.

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