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I became obsessed with generating passive income starting in 1999.We’ve discussed how to get started building passive income for financial freedom in a previous post.Bonds provide a terrific defensive allocation to an investment portfolio.If you hold a government bond until maturity, you will get all your coupon payments and principal back.Nowadays, you’ll be lucky to find a 5-7 year CD that provides anything above 2.2%.The great thing about CDs is that there are no income or net worth minimums to invest, unlike many alternative investments, which require investors to be accredited.But just like stocks, there are plenty of different types of bond investments to choose from.In some previous research, I discovered that the mass affluent class are extremely underweight bonds at every single demographic.

Figuring out what to do with your savings is just as important.In order to generate ,000 through CDs at a 2.5% rate, you need to invest 0,000. That said, interest rates can stay low for a long time.Just look at Japanese interest rates, which are negative (inflation is higher than nominal interest rate).If you can max out your 401k or max out your IRA and then save an additional 20% of your after-tax, after-retirement contribution, good things really start to happen.If one is looking for earlier financial independence, such as retiring in their 40s or early 50s, it may be a good idea to skew towards more after-tax savings and investments given one has to wait until 59.5 to withdraw from their 401k or IRA penalty-free. A Return Score of 1 means the returns are horrible compared to the risk-free rate.

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Furthermore, the return criteria is based off trying to generate $10,000 a year in passive income.