Updating the lerg table

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Updating the lerg table

The LERG is supported by integrated and quality-oriented industry processes and is similarly supported by TRA.Data in the LERG includes, but is not limited to: Access database version of the data in addition to fix formatted data files.An integration application to directly update the NNACL data with the NNAG data is not provided due to the wide range of user environments and uses of the data; such must be developed by the user if needed.Since data files are also included in the NNACL, use of the user interface is optional.It also supports functions such as networking planning and engineering, numbering administration, and is used by companies, including many outside of the telecommunications industry, to support a wide range of business operations and planning needs.The LERG has been in existence since 1984, and provides for a common basis for service providers within the NANP to directly report their numbering and routing information.

adds/deletes, changes to data), and is issued monthly.The Access database version of the LERG provides a graphical user interface front end to access and view data records using a TRA designed "form view" as well as Access "table views".The database requires users to have a local licensed copy of Access.Data supports the current local exchange network within the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) and identifies reported planned changes in the network.The LERG Routing Guide is primarily designed to be used for routing of calls by service providers (wireless, wireline, inter and intra exchange, etc.).

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