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Who is tom colicchio dating

Detectives regularly find their investigations spiked the moment they start to become a financial burden for the department or threaten the status quo.Counterbalancing the police are the city's drug dealers, who range from the ruthless Marlo Stanfield, to the violent and suspicious but reasonable Avon Barksdale, to the more affable "Proposition Joe", and the business-minded and ambitious social climber Stringer Bell.With the rotating focus every season, the show is anchored by the police officer characters and the often ignored power struggles that go on within major city police departments.

Thus, the season is able to show how street-level policing is dependent on the whims of those higher up the food chain and examine the issue of reform.And while Padma is relaxing in paradise with her pride and joy, a legal dispute between her show Top Chef and five Boston teamsters is currently playing out in a Massachusetts court.The labor dispute claims the union members harassed Top Chef's crew and talent while the cooking competition show at the Steel & Rye Restaurant in Milton, Massachusetts back in 2014.Also in the mix is Omar Little, a deadly Robin Hood-like figure who robs drug dealers; the drug-addicted police informant "Bubbles"; and the mysterious European crime lord known as "The Greek," who supplies both drugs and prostitutes to the city of Baltimore.A proposed spin-off series, in order to focus on the political-themed aspects of the series and the Tommy Carcetti storyline, but the low ratings resulted in the spin-off not being greenlighted and the plotlines absorbed into the main series.

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The resulting drama is rife with social commentary and criticism.

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  1. Thrilled to be on set with photographer, David Merenyi, Katrine is a total natural — showing off her curves with ease as she plays and splashes in the ocean water.